Welcome To The Sleek Proxy

Step back into a world where there are no intelligence gathering operations and active website blocking facilities. We give everyone the freedom to information and help to grow knowledge worldwide. Education yourself on all topics and keep in contact with friends while running plenty of proxy protection features. Your IP address is automatically swapped to our private dedicated server - every bit of data is loaded through it and sent directly back to your browser. Most popular interactive website functions are unblocked by running customized plugins.

It is our mission to provide the best overall proxy solutions available online. We see it as a package combination of the toughest server hardware, specialized software and coordinating many other parts in between. Many tracking services are rendered useless when running behind our cloaking IP, meaning they cannot individually target you. Reliability is a cornerstone of a trusted web proxy and Sleek Proxy has a solid reputation for high uptime. So now you want to jump right in - you can type the URL address & Go.

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